FOXit-Microsoft Partner,Project Portfolio Management,Cloud Services, Training, Nintex, Sharepoint, METROit
FOXit-Microsoft Partner,Project Portfolio Management,Cloud Services, Training, Nintex, Sharepoint, METROit
Training-Training Solution,Microsoft Technical Training,SLA Training,Executive Coaching,Group Sessions,Floor Walking,Document Editing,SNIPit Sessions

Training Solutions at FOXit

The premise of FOXit training is that people who are afforded the opportunity to develop key skill sets are not only more influential and effective in the workplace, but feel as if their employer is taking a vested interest in their future.

Available Training Services

Microsoft Technical Training

We offer Microsoft Technical training focused mainly on Project Server 2010 (EPM/PPM) and SharePoint 2010. Please feel free to enquire about the other technologies and we will gladly assist wherever possible.

SLA Training:

We offer our clients a set number of “units” per month depending on budget constraints. These units are then allocated where training is needed. This assists our clients in sticking to their budgets and working towards the best value for their money by planning out the training sessions required.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is based around the Microsoft Office Applications. It is directed at high level business delegates who cannot afford the time to attend group sessions. The coaching covers the specific requirements of the individual, without wasting time around unnecessary content.

Group Sessions

Where possible Microsoft courseware is issued to the delegates.

These sessions focus on Microsoft Office and SharePoint end-user training as well as Soft Skills required in business.

The classes are facilitated by using the courseware as a guide for what is generally covered at each level, and applying that to each client’s unique requirements for relating the content to the delegate job roles.

Floor Walking

A consultant will be allocated where required to be present in your offices and assist delegates at their workstations by demonstrating how to perform specific tasks within their job roles.

This training gains the most benefit where delegates know what they want to achieve and have questions prepared before the facilitator arrives to assist them.

Document Editing

SLA units may also be allocated towards document management, such as setting up of templates.

A consultant will meet with the client to understand their requirements, do the work required on the documents and submit them to the client on completion.

SNIPit Sessions

Short, focused training sessions of under 2 hours based on Office applications, soft skills and general business education. They are not exclusively technical and incorporate a range of modules that are designed to increase productivity.